Powerful 2 kW electric hoist,
guarantees the lifting and lowering of loads
Maximum lifting capacity: 400 kg

Upper trolley

It incorporates a mechanical hook that
keeps loads safe during parking
Automatic rearm mechanism in the ascending phase

Motorcycle platform

Platform for storage of motocross or enduro motorbikes
Up to 160kg total

Bearing structure

In structural steel
Two heights: 2.2 m or 3.4 m with optional intermediate extension
Allows safe storage

Hoist control keyboard

Hold-to-run operation
Emergency stop button

Release cord

Manual release of the mechanical safety system,
before the descent phase

Intermediate trolleys

Connected to the first trolley with steel ropes

E-bike rack platform

Possibility of fixing a tow hook bike rack
to the sphere to lift up to 3 e-bikes
Up to 80 kg total

Wall fixing kit

Consisting of 4 bars and 4 plates

Storage platform

For any generic weight
Up to 100 kg total



Technical specifications

The main structure consists of a column with a total height of 2.2 m, extendable up to 3.4 m. It is made of powder-coated structural steel. A hoist is firmly anchored to its top, connected with a steel cable to a trolley that slides attached to the column through robust ball bearings.

The upper carriage is equipped with a safety mechanism that hooks into special slots located in the upper part of the structure. The mechanism rearms automatically during the ascent phase and is released manually with a cord, before descending.

Up to two further intermediate trolleys can be connected to the first trolley using the supplied metal ropes. Each trolley has a standard squared insert, to which different types of platforms and supports can be coupled. The platforms can be purchased separately according to your needs.



  • Standard kit: minimum height 220 cm
  • Standard kit: minimum ceiling height 240 cm
  • With extension cord: max. height 340 cm
  • With extension cord: min. ceiling height 360 cm
  • Total structure weight: about 100 kg
  • Total load: max. 400 kg
  • Moto platform load: max 160 kg
  • Tow hook bike rack support load: max 80 kg
  • Platform for general weights load: max 100 kg



Two fixing methods: wall or ceiling.

Approximately 70% of the total weight is set down to the ground, through the structure and the support foot.

The remaining 30% is hold by 4 wall brackets, or the alternative ceiling bracket.




The structure must be fixed to a load-bearing wall using anchors suitable for the type of masonry.

The fixing of the anchors must be carried out by a professional, to judge the adequacy of the supporting wall and use the appropriate anchors.

Alternatively, it can be fixed to the ceiling thanks to the optional bracket, with the same safety as above.

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Equipped with a safety mechanism to keep loads firmly anchored to the structure.

Thanks to the safety mechanism, the system allows you to permanently keep heavy loads lifted without worries.

Different types of accessories can be coupled: for example motorcycle racks, support for tow hook bike rack, storage platform with wheels, other accessories under development.




It is possible to connect up to two further trolleys to the upper trolley, using sturdy steel cables.

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